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6 Photos Of Unforgettable Things In TV Series And Movies

TV series and movies fans will always live remember special things they saw as they were watching the series or movies. This things will always be unforgettable because it was shown in the series and movies most of the time or it played a big role in action. Here are photos of unforgettable things in our favorite TV series.

1. Hector's Salamanca Bell- Breaking Bad. Since Hector was not able to talk, he used this bell to communicate and the bell played a big role in killing Gus Fring.

Photo| Hector's Bell

2. Iron Throne- Game Of Thrones. Kings and Queens from the seven kingdom in the series were fighting to claim and sit on the throne.

Photo| Iron Throne

3. Viking's Compass- Vikings. Vikings used this as the compass to navigate through the seas. Central pin would have cast a shadow from the sun indicating cardinal direction

Photo| Viking's Compass

4. Michael Scoffield's Creation- Prison Break. It's called Origami Swan. Scoffield while inside the prison used this see where the tunnels in the prison was leading to. They used the tunnels to escape from the prison.

Photo| Scoffield's Creation


Photo| From Peaky Blinders Series. The flat grey cap was Thomas Shelby swagger or outfit.


Photo| From The Titanic. This was a gift to Kate Florence Phillips in the famous Titanic movie form her lover. It was a way of showing love.


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Compass Game Of Thrones Hector Iron Throne Vikings


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