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Was It Necessary? Betty Kyallo Questions Eric Omondi After His Boxing With Kharigraph Went Wrong

Eric Omondi is one of the most loved and influential comedians we are all proud to have as Kenyans. It's is not a secret that nowadays he is making wave on the social media platforms as he gives his fans what they desire. Currently, today he has become the talk of the town with all the pride that the had of fighting or rather boxing the reknown rapper, Kharigraph Jones

Today was a tough day for the comedian as it turned out that whatever he thought never happened. During the boxing match, the self proclaiming president of comedy was kicked down by the OG himself and luckily he quitted the match before the 12 rounds they were to go. Eric Omondi has created a lot of attention on social media today as the fight was really being waited with what he had termed that he was to fight the singer in the first round

Now what is trending is a video of him and Betty Kyallo whereas we would have thought that after this fight, his girlfriend would come to rescue and pamper him with great love. However, this was not the case. Betty Kyallo is seemingly so much concerned about the health of this comedian questions arising what could be going on with these two celebrities. Could they be dating? Bearing in mind that both are single there might be a possibility. Share with us your views

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