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Behind that resting bitch face

By Nakhero Nelly

You know those people who you look at them, and they give you the expression that they are bored, irritated and somehow you feel that their face is passing judgement to you? Now that kind of facial expression is what is referred to as a resting bitch face. What many people don't understand is that 'bitchy' face is actually their normal face mode, just like people who their default facial expression is smiley face. Normally they are referred to as 'smiling machine'. Just like smiling machines keep their face smiling even though there is nothing to smile about, same is to people with bitch resting face. That is just their face. They aren't judging, they are not bored and definitely they are not irritated.

Anna Kendrick -an actress

Resting bitch face shortly known as RBF is not actually more common than you think. Some celebrities just to name a few there is Queen Elizabeth, I won't lie looking at her face makes one feel like they are in trouble. Another celebrity is Kanye West or rather lately people call him Ye, Kristen Stewart an amazing actress, Victoria Beckham a mogul in fashion design and my favorite actress Anna Kendrick (I still laugh when I rewatch the movies when she is constantly asked “what's wrong with your face?” Then she would answer “That is just my face, what's wrong with it?”).

Kristen Stewart - "Twilight " star actress

Against common belief, it is not just women who suffer from resting bitch face, also men are victims. It's just hard to notice men and easier to notice it out on women. This is because the world has created this image that women ought to have an approachable, smiling, Charming face. However, it is true RBT is more common in women than men. Well meme Lords and royalties won't just let such slide. Today on internet there are memes making rounds about these celebrities bitchy face situation and the legions have been gladly taking their dose of humor. While we were getting entertained by the memes, behavioral researchers Jason Rogers and Abbe Macbeth in conjunction with international research and innovation firm Noldus Information Technology, did take upon them to do some investigation to answer the questions: are their face really motionless ? And what makes one register such a neutral expression? The scientists used a sophisticated tool known as face Reader to identify a specific human expression from a catalog that contained almost 10,000 images of faces that humans could identify. The software was able to map close to 500 points on a face that was fed in. It then made an analysis of the image from these mappings and assigned the facial expression to them.From the expressions analysed, it came up with to one of the basic human emotions. That is, either the face reflected sadness, happiness, disgust, anger, surprise, contempt, fear and neutral. The software was then experimented with people who genuinely showcased expressionless faces. The software after analysis concluded that their faces were 97% neutral. The other 3% was because their face hinted a sign of an emotion mostly surprised or sad, nothing of much importance. However, for the faces of people who are believed to be RBFs, the detection of level of emotions doubled up to 6%. Macbeth explains that contempt triggered the big leap in the percentage registered. Beth continues to explain it further that the software characterized contempt by characteristics such as tightening of the region around the eyes and a slight raise of the corner of the lips. Typically, all the hints the machine used to detect emotions are the same ones that our brains use. Both our brains and the software identify a neutral face categorizing it as an emotion of contempt. Beth pointed out that the software detected all the faces equally without any form of bias according to gender. All the comparisons between males and female used the same criteria. Therefore, the belief that RBF is due to facial physiology of women is not true. Men can be RBFs.

Do you think you might be having RBF? Thanks to Macbeth and Rodgers you can find that out by sending your most neutral facial expressions photos to them. They will use the software to find out if you are joining Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart RBF club or your face is just expressionless. You can send your photos and details to their email address [email protected] and come tell us how your experience was.

Content created and supplied by: NellyArseyNakhero (via Opera News )

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