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Divorce Affair

Lakini Nani Angesema Nitagonga 30 Nikiwa Single - Amber Ray

Love is a lovely thing but only if you find the right person to share it with. While many people are getting married others are getting divorced while some are starting new relationship, everyone hopes it would last longer but things do happen.

The president of second wives turned to Instagram today to express her sadness about approaching 30 without a companion. Amber was once married to a well- known businessman but their relationship did not work out as planned and they divorced. She captioned

" Lakini nani angesema nitagonga 30 nikiwa single sasa nani ataninulia iPhone 13 na vile sijazoea kujinunulia simu Aki maisha wewe" .

Netizens reacted differently to the post some asking her to find another married man.

Amber Ray, a socialite, revealed that she was done with Jamal after a tumultuous relationship. The news was announced on Instagram Live by the socialite. Amber did not specify what started the feud, but she did tell her supporters that she lives for the moment and that life is all about making memories and that she did not fight for him, but for herself.

Amber' s second marriage as a second wife has collapsed for the second time. The socialite was formerly married to Zaheer Jihanda, a controversial businessman. Amber was so enamored with Zaheer that she converted to Islam; nevertheless, the two lovebirds split up three years later, and Amber vowed to never be anyone' s second wife until she met him.

Do you think Amber is sincere or she' s trying to pass a mockery message to Amira? Remember recently Amira received an iPhone from Jamal(Amber' s Ex- Husband) as a way of sorry and thanking her for staying put.

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