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Dear Men, Never Try These 4 Things Shown In Movies To Express Love To Your Woman

There are somethings that we see in movies, soap operas and clips being done by white people and wish to be like them. Some are practical but others will harm your relationships if you apply. Don't try to copy anything you see on TV. You may end up in a painful heartbreak or miss the target you were having. Why can't you just be you. Be yourself and your girl will love you the way you are. Be original and do your things your own way. Somethings are not meant to be copies. Remember, it's just movie where people act. Never try these things after seeing then in movies.

Don't stalk a woman if you need her. You will be infringing her privacy and personal space. Stalking someone is a criminal offence that can incriminate you. There are people who have been put behind bars just because of stalking. It's a misdemeanor that can jail you for less than 12 months. Stalking a woman is a misconduct. Why can't you just make a one on one approach and talk to her. I prefer personal talks to stalking. When you talk to someone physical, there is a higher level of confidentiality than on phone. If you need an information about a lady, go to her. Don't copy the whites. It's just a movie.

Fake kidnapping of a woman. This one possesses all the elements of a crime. Someone can be incriminate for battery or assault. You may see the whites falling in love with kidnapped people. This is a wrong teaching. You will do the same in Kenya and end up wasted in jail. Love is something that comes naturally. If you force up then it will never work. Let nature take its course. Don't kidnap someone's daughter speculating her to love you. You will be misled and end up in jail. Be yourself and approach a lady. Get her consent before doing anything.

Forceful kisses is the worst of it all. You may see white couples quelling over an issue then all over sudden the man kisses the lady and things get better. My friend, that is a movie. Never try that at home. You may end up being slapped badly. A woman's decision is something you need to respect as a man. Get her consent first before doing her anything. Kissing is something to be done by couples at good times where consent is not that necessary. Never forcefully kiss a woman. She can sue you for assault.

Organising fight arrangements. This is the most primitive step you can take to win a lady's heart. Organising a group of men then fighting to win just to convince the lady of your prowess. You might be risking your life as well as your friends'. You can ad well end up fail to win the woman. Don't fight, be a gentleman and approach the lady. Talk to her just like any other person. She's human. She will understand you and give you either a yes or a no. Take the snwer and move forward.

Content created and supplied by: Lennoxlewis (via Opera News )


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