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Mixed Reactions After Diamond Commented on Alikiba's Song Congratulating him

Alikiba and Diamond Platinumz have a lot in common. Apart from being top music artists from Tanzania, they bought their own records labels which have produced some of the best bongo Flava artists.

So, Alikiba just released a video of his song Utu and many people are wowed. Some even claim it should be officiated as the love song of the year. Seems Diamond couldn't resist the urge to bow to the king too as he gave him a thumbs up.

However, netizens didn't believe that it was him because the two artists have had the longest beef in the history of Tanzanian artists. Their differences are so bad that at some point, Kiba publicly embarrassed Simba by snubbing his handshake in public.

Still, it's not clear what caused them to drift apart and never wish to make peace with each other all this time.

Below is the comment and some reactions

Below Is Diamond's YouTube Account

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