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Zora: Zora Will Regret Going Back to Fella's House After Falling in a Love Trap

This episode begins with Zora getting up early in the morning to attend to chores at Fella's house. However, Hamida and Neema tried to check from her where she goes to very early in the morning and she became violent and defensive, telling them to mind their business.

At Fella's house, Zora is pretending to be a happily married woman just to please Patience and her mother. She goes into his house very early every morning to ensure that the house is clean and other household chores are in order. However, when the deal is so sweet, think twice. This is what Zora forgot even after Hamida and Neema tried their best to warn her.

Moreover, she moved with all her belongings to Fella's house but on arrival, he found Fella and Simba fighting. She stood by the door with her luggage and told Fella that she had finally made up her mind to come back home. However, she stated that she would live in the girl's room but Fella looked at her without being bothered that his wife was coming back home. He banged the door and locked up himself in his room. That was the beginning of trouble for Zora.

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