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Meet Sultana Show Actresses Posing For A Crew Photo Together

Citizen TV is known to be one of the most famous TV channels that host local TV shows every day. The recent show being hosted and aired live on citizen is named Sultana. It's one among those famous shows watched by thousands of Kenyans every day from Monday to Friday. As you watch the show you get to know several actors and actresses showing off their artistic skills in acting. 

The crew is made up of both males and females who play different roles to make it a success. The actors include JJ, Jabali, Kaka, Dida, Sultana who's the main character and many more. They have always presented the show as a way of showing what happens in rich and poor families. It shows how love can tear apart families. It also signals how love becomes a bridge between different social classes. 

Today I want us to have a glance at albums of photos posted online showing sultana female actresses. One of their actresses that's Bwire Ndubi (Dida) posted photos of herself and the other ladies having a interview with one of the top journalists in the country. 

The photos featured actresses such as Dida herself, Sultana, Dida's mom and aunty. They all revealed their happy smiles on the camera as evident in their faces. Check out the photos and drop a comment for them. 

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