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Sultana Discovers Her Mother's Grave Is The Same As JJ's Mother's Grave

On Monday's episode, JJ will take Sultana to the graves. Sultana finds out that JJ's mother was buried in the same place she usually visits. Sultana asks JJ if it's true Salama showed her the same grave. JJ assures Sultana that the grave belongs to his mother as shown by Salama.

Sultana tells JJ the same grave belongs to her mother too. JJ asks Sultana how didn't she know and is blind. Sultana tells him she knows everything even all roads in the village and the number of trees around them.

JJ thinks maybe Sultana is her sister. Sultana tells him that's impossible and Salama must give her the right answers.

Sultana will meet Salama and starts confronting her. Sultana tells Salama should be ashamed for always keeping secrets. Kaka joins them and tells Sultana to respect Salama but she doesn't care.

Sultana asks Salama if she is related to JJ in any other and Salama says no. Sultana tells Salama that she took JJ to the same grave she showed her. Sultana wants answers from Salama. Salama tells Sultana that she should understand in the past years people were buried and there was no sign of their graves.

Salama tells Sultana they should leave the village. Sultana tells her is going nowhere until she gets the right answers and also to help JJ find his parents. Salama tells Sultana if she wants answers to ask Babu because he buried both her and JJ's mother.

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