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Meet The Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Are Nephews

Filipino soap opera dramas have been in existence for a long time, and many people loves them. The movies are being watched all over the world, therefore they are generating a lot of revenue for the Philippine nation. We have many celebrities in this industry, and they always act with a lot of professionalism. Many of them are relatives in real life, but they doesn’t always show it openly. Let us look at some of the nephews in this industry, so that we can know more about them.

1. Grae Fernandez and Daniel Padilla.

Grae Fernandez works as a Filipino actor, and he has featured in many movies. He has gained a lot of popularity, because he always work with a lot of professionalism. Grae Fernandez was born in the year 2001, so he is still a very young actor. He has reached 20 years of age, because he always celebrate happy birthday on 7th of November.

Grae Fernandez was born in Manila, and his are known as Mark Anthony Fernandez and Melisa Fernandez. Grae Fernandez is the nephew of Daniel Padilla, therefore they are related. Grae Fernandez's grandfather is the first cousin of Daniel Padilla’s father, therefore Grae Fernandez and Daniel Padilla shares the same family tree.

2. Donny Pangilinan and Gary Valenciano.

Donny Pangilinan works as an actor, and he has produced movies such as love is colour blind and walwal. He always shows a great performance, therefore be has a huge fan base. Donny Pangilinan was born in the year 1998, therefore he is still a very young actor.

He has a lot of potential, therefore he will go far with his career. Donny Pangilinan was born on 10th of February, so he has reached 24 years of age. He was born in the country of Philippine, and his parents are Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa.

Donny Pangilinan and Gary Valenciano are nephews, because Donny’s father is the brother of Gary’s wife, and Gary's wife is called Angeli Pangilinan. Gary Valenciano and Donny Pangilinan shares a family tree, and they are both actors.

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