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'Hii Leo Imezidi Sasa' Bahati Publicly Tells Lover Diana Marua After Posting Photo Online

Diana Marua with lover Bahati. [All Images / Courtesy | Instagram]

Digital Content creator and Lifestyle vlogger Diana Marua has never shied away from displaying her love for her husband Kevin Kioko who is famously known as Bahati mtoto wa Diana.

The duo has been serving 'Couple Goals' and always taking it a step higher judging from their social media posts.

A few hours ago, Diana has been posting photos of her and her lover Bahati with romantic captions confessing her undying love for the musician.

She went ahead and stated that he will forever be her love and the apple of her eye.

''My Forever @BAHATIKENYA ❤️... Apple of my Eye @BahatiKenya 🍎.'' Diana Marua posted on her official Instagram account.

Unexpectedly, Husband Bahati reacted to the post arguing that this is too much love for one day.

''Naleo hizi Malavie Davie Zimezidiii ❤️😄.'' Musician Bahati reacted to the post by wife Diana Marua.

Fans also joined in and shared their varied reactions with many supporting the union stating that they are their inspiration as their love has stood the taste of time.

Some argued that they will post this now to entertain their fans and in the end they will break Up.

Below are some of the assorted commentaries as posted by fans on social media in reaction to the post by Diana Marua.

Bonnie, ''Umeamua aje leo Diana hatupumui 😂😂😂.''

Betty Kelo, '' True love lives here😍😍 You two are just goals for anyone,,, hii miake yote and you are still going strong.''

Newton Reigns, ''Awww totally u too u were meant to be🔥🔥.''

Gracie Wack, ''Alafu na hii hype yote social media bado mkuje mwachane 😂😂😂... streets haitaki show off mingi saana.''

Lavender Otieno, ''Deee! Pregnancy is in the air... We're waiting for your announcement.''

Faith Jossie, ''You guys are so perfect together 🙌 Hii ndio ile wanasemanga 'match made in heaven' 😍 No one can come between you two.''

Shiku Mkono, ''Fanyeni wedding jameni aki si mnakaa poa😍🔥❤️.''

Shillah Michaels, ''People will always talk negatively, hawataki mazuri juu this is true love 🥰🥰.''

Diana Marua with lover Bahati. [All Images / Courtesy | Instagram]

Content created and supplied by: KiprutoCollins (via Opera News )

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