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RIP : Worrying News Emerge As Employee Reveals Paul Gicheru's Last Drink Before Death

An employee at Paul Gicheru's home in Karen, Nairobi, has provided detailed information on the boss's final moments before his death on September 26.

The crew revealed to Nation that Gicheru had spent the majority of the day drinking his preferred white wine in his quarters at his five-bedroom home.

Gicheru spent the day in his bedroom despite having three visitors: his wife, his father-in-law, and his son Allan. He only left the room once before going back in.

The employee hinted, "His wife and father-in-law were present, but he spent the day in his bedroom and only came down once.

The insider also revealed that the father-in-law left the residence at about 3.30 p.m., leaving his wife and kid alone.

According to the employee, Gicheru had foam in his mouth when the wife went to check on him at 7:00 p.m. to see if he would like dinner.

The statement went against media accounts that claimed the kid was the first to come across his father's dead body.

Two police testimonies also refuted the allegations of who discovered the body first—the wife or the boy. The first report, with OB number 54/26/09/22 and filed at the Karen Police Station, stated that the son discovered his father's body and told his mother.

The National Police Service afterwards issued a statement in which they claimed that Gicheru's wife had discovered his death on the bed.

The deceased driver and the father-in-law left the property at one point around 3:30 p.m. as the deceased excused himself to go to his bedroom, according to the report.

A portion of the police report stated, "After some time, the wife became worried about his disappearance and followed him upstairs only to discover him lying on the bed unconscious."

Gicheru's family has encouraged the police to move swiftly with their inquiries in order to learn the specifics of what caused their relative's death.

Additionally, the postmortem of the body was put off until later to make room for some of the family members who still needed to get to Eldoret.

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