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Mother-In-Law Series; Mike Angry with His Wife,Rachel

Mother-in- law series is one of the famous episode aired on citizen television at 7.30pm. Its one of the episodes that have been aired for a long period of time. The series contains many talented actors and actresses that keeps the show interesting attracting many viewers. Mike is one of the talented actors in the series,he plays the role of a grand child of Mwamba and Charity popularly known to be Mother in law. Mike also takes in charge of Kingston hardware,a family business. Rachel is Mike's wife and they had recently married.

Mike's gate man informs him that there is a man with dreadlocks who comes in his house mostly when Mike is not around. Mike confirms from the visitors book at the gate with a signature of the same man who always goes to the house to meet Rachel. Rachel tries to explain that the man is a business man and has the deals to make their Kingston business grow. Mike does not accept this explanation and this makes Rachel to ran to her grand mother charity for help. Charity too tries to explain to Mike but Mike does not get it either. Mike insists why this man always come to the house especially when he is not there, and if its a business deal,Why should these two,Rachel and the man, meet in the office.

The question remains, is Rachel cheating on Her husband Mike. Please share your comment

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