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New Crime Thriller TV Shows and Detectives in 2021 and 2020

This latest crime thriller tv shows you can watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, Disney and other streaming services,out on DVD /Blu_ray or on tv right now.


After having been the underdog FBI agent who went toe-to-toe with the cannibal killer of Hannibal Lecter, Clarice Starling continues her political career after the shocking and surprising events of silence of the lambs.Her cases following Lecter include dealing with serial murderers and sexual predators as she struggles to maintain her career in washington D.c.

2Tell me your secret

Dark secrets are revealed in this series that follows three unique individuals.These characters include a woman who associated y a killer,a serial predator seeking to put aside his troubled past.and a mother distraught over her daughter that has gone missing.They try to keep their secrets but truth can't stay in the shadows as it is becoming too much to handle.

3.Behind her eyes

This psychological thriller series is based on the novel by Sarah Pinborough.Louise is a single mother who has taken up some part time work at a psychiatrist's office.She gets involved in an affair with her boss and also has a relationship with the boss's wife ,finding herself tangled in a triangle of relationships.

The pembrokeshire murders

Serial killer John Cooper terrorized the welsh countryside with his series of murders in 1980 and in 2006 detective superintendent Steve Wilkins link the murders with some recent bulgaries.Thanks to advancement in DNA analysis and artist impressions Dyfed_ Powys police find themselves closing in on the suspect.

5.Lisey's Story

Based on the 2006 novel by Stephen King,this mysterious minister follows the character of Lisey Landon ,who is dealing with recent loss of her husband.After years she decided vto go through her husband's old things and discovers a series of buried secrets that reveal a rabbit hole of represented memories and uncomfortable truths.

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