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"Kumbe ni Mzee Hivyo "Nyota Ndogo Praises Her Mzungu Bae As She Reveals The Age Difference for Them


Mwanaisha Abdalla commonly known as Nyota Ndogo is a celebrated Taarab Influenced pop musician in Kenya. Apart from being a musician, she is also a businesswoman and she has been taking the internet by storm over some controversial statements concerning her relationship life that have always gone viral.

Nyota Ndogo is married to a Dutchman Henning Nielsen and the couple have been flaunting their love online hence an admiration to many Kenyans.


Nyota Ndogo in her latest post, she has bowed down to pressure from the general public in relation to the people who troll her alongside her mzungu bae with negative comments.

According to Nyota Ndogo, she has highlighted that the husband has been loyal to her and has been a good advisor to her and a mentor who has enabled her to get various personal achievements in her life.

According to Nyota Ndogo she reveals that the husband is older with twenty years age difference hence this has made him to be like a father to her.

Nyota Ndogo has praised the Mzungu bae as she reveals that she has learnt many things from him.

"...This man yani my husband ameliona jua mbele yangu kwa miaka ishirini kabla mimi kuzaliwa....."Nyota Ndogo captioned.


Despite the negative reactions from Kenyans who dislike them, Nyota Ndogo has highlighted that their relationship will remain intact since they know each other more better.

Nyota Ndogo recently went abroad to enjoy life with her Mzungu bae.

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