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Sultana:Major Allows JJ to Marry Sultana

In tomorrow's episode, Major will find JJ doing some exercise at the beaches. Major will be proud of JJ and wishes to join him every morning. JJ is surprised to see his father because they have been not on good terms.

Major asks JJ to forgive him because he has not been a good father to him. Major tells him that he wants him the most if not as his son but as a doctor. Major thinks is good for JJ to take care of sick Ua because she suffered to have a baby. Major tells him by doing that will be grateful to Bi Ua and shows her how they love her. Major tells JJ to use his medical knowledge to treat his mother not to think that they wasted their money.

Major tells JJ that he loves Bi Ua and will allow him to get married to Sultana the love of his life. Major tells him is ready to give him his blessings to marry the woman he loves if he takes care of Bi Ua.

JJ will take much to think about and Major tells him to take time. Major wants to leave but JJ asks him if it's not a plan with Fatima but assures him is doing all this because he loves Bi Ua and about Fatima to deal with her problems alone. Major tells him that his marriage with Sultana will save Bi Ua's condition and his happiness is to see his lovely wife doing well.

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