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"Wivu Kitu Mbaya Sana," Diamond's Employee Told after Making this post

Now people shouldn't celebrate their win because others will feel bad? Anyway, what's good is good we should just normalize clapping for others even in silence.

For weeks now, some members of Wasafi records label have been trying their best to put Harmonize down, including releasing his nude photos to the world but all this seems to be a blessing in disguise because for the first time, since he exited Wasafi, he is on too. His latest song #attitude which he features Awilo Longomba and Hbaba is trending at number one and two. Video leads while audio follows.

A Wasafi blogger Juma Lokole is among the people who have been fighting to evade insta attention from Tembo. So yesternight,after #attitude got over 3 million views in a day, he was at it again. He claimed 'people' had said Wasafi bought YouTube to manipulate their rivals music just to turn some fans against Harmonize again.

Netizens didn't take his post well with some telling him he wasn't a Wasafi to start with. Others claimed jealousy was written all over him because their competitor was on top and his music viral despite the news that his boss Simba had bought a brand new private jet.

So what do you think? Is he really jealous or he is just doing his work? Their might be someone pushing him right?

Below is his post and reactions

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