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Teddy Josiah Beautiful Photos With Daughter And Why He Is Not Ready To Remarry

After he lost his wife and left to take care of their daughter, he vowed to raise up his daughter without pressure from another person. See photos of him and his beautiful daughter.

He went on is Instagram page to write the reason why he is not ready to remarry and this is what he said, "WHY ITS HARD FOR ME TO REMARRY

I’ve had a lot of questions about this issue and let me put it out clear.

Raising a girl 👧🏽 with a very strong character personality means she’s got to be comfortable that the person in my life is not here to break her but to build her up.

Am building the dreams of a Great lady who passed away with the wish that her legacy would live on. She is the “KA” In Jo-Ka-Jok (Josiah-Katar-Josiah). How many women would marry a man busy building an empire for his daughter to inherit from her late mother?

The dating game in nowadays if full of men/ women ready to have a fling for a moment and a good time. But no ones ready to roll up their sleeves and say “am here for it all, the good times and the bad times, the highs and lows” in-fact when you hit a low patch even your friends and employees start to look at you like a person with leprosy thinking that money is forever flowing not knowing that life is a journey of ups and downs.

Don’t get me wrong, love ❤️ and finding a soulmate is an EXTREMELY beautiful thing.

But it gets to a point in life were if she ain’t coming to build with u, if she’s he’s gonna keep u waiting holding on and hoping she/ he will choose you while she/ he examines other options as a human you need to focus and the goals dreams and ambitions you have without the weight of a confused heart and some just come to confuse your heart and ad weight to it.

To have a life partner is to have a person that believes in you, not your money, not your status not the material things you own but you as a human.

I had that, to settle for less than what i had is impossible.

This is my current frame of mind


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Teddy Josiah


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