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Three years ago Jemutai "I am not in a relationship with Hamo"

Ever since Comedian Jemutai Announced that he was selling his face book account due to hard times, many unknown stories have Surfaced Surrounding the comedian including her private life.

Many unknown stories have surfaced and what he initially denied as intimacy with Fellow Churchill comedian Professor Hamo is Coming to Reality.

Jemutai posted;

"My name is Jemutai, and I am comedian and a mother of two. I am a single mother and life is becoming ever harder every day. I have lots of rent arrears. I have no other choice so am selling my Facebook account to anyone in business, it has over 850k goes for two bob per follower. I want to start a business and take care of my kids"

That is what he posted and it brought a debate online.

Jemutai initially denied Hamo was her baby daddy.

When approached 3years ago about their rumoured relationship , they both laughed it off as a joke.

Hamo even questioned the source of such news and stressed that Jemutai was a good person whom given a chance he wouldn't mind dating

Jemutai said, " i am not in a relationship with him, but rather in a serious affair with someone who is not showbizz limelight .He is also not my baby dad but rather a fellow comedian from whom i have been learning a lot"

Now 3 years, She is claiming Hamo is the father of her two children.She claims he has rejected them and that she is in financial crisis seeking help.

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