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Why Pritty Vishy Left Simple Boy

Simple Boy has been one of the most loved and celebrated artists in Kenya, he was known for his first song " Mihadarati" He then started dating Pritty Vishy who they floored the internet with their love.

The later separated with Pritty for reasons Kenyans did not know. Pritty is hosted by Doctor Ofweneke in Dr Ofweneke Show in Tv47.

She explaines how simple Boy is a good charming man, and she also says that Stevo Simple Boy was also an innocent, harmless man. She is asked why she left him and she gave this explanation.

She quoted, " I cheated on Simple Boy, he's harmless and humble but as a man, you should play your role ukifika kwa nyumba, sasa yeye alikua anangoja marriage"

She admits that she cheated on him because of that, she expected him to act as a man, because she also had her own feelings which made her to cheat

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