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TV Host. ''He Raped me, Years Later He Apologized on My Facebook Page. I Forgave Him.''

Her journey to the limelight was not easy. It needed a lot of hard work determination and persistence. She was a hard-working girl knowing that she came from a humble background. Her parents who lived in Nairobi gave her the best in life. Growing in Nairobi gave her a lot of exposure. She was also able to relate ith people very well.

After high school, she joined theatre because she loved acting. Even if at times she was not paid, she was passionate about what she doing. Later she started acting set books in different schools. By then she had started to earn some money for her keep up. Socializing with other people was also her greatest priority.

One day they were going to perform with her colleagues in Mwea. It happened that when she was calling her friend she dialed the wrong number. So the person who received the phone call was a man. He pretended to know her well. And although they had never met before, he became friendly to her. He even asked her if they could meet in town for some coffee.

While Njeri was still waiting for the matatu with her colleagues, the stranger called her again and gave her the directions where she was. After they met with the man he took her away to unknown places. For three days, Njeri of Inooro TV was nowhere to be found. The man took her to a place and raped her. ''I didn't know where he had taken me. I just met myself at the hospital.'' She adds.

Njeri kept the secret the whole of her life. She even never told her parents about it. So when she got a job at Inooro TV, the story erupted again. The man who had raped her posted on her Facebook account that he was sorry for what he did to her. ''I was confused because I could not understand how he could bring up the issue when I was a celebrity. The whole thing had happened many years back. For the first time, I was able to tell my mother the whole truth. My Manager also helped me overcome.'' She adds.

Because of the nature of her job, the post was permanently deleted.

Luckily through counselors and psychologists, she was able to heal. According to Njeri, it's good to speak up about rape or anything affecting your life. Her partner was able to support her through the process of healing. It's good to speak up about anything happening in your life. There are many victims of rape cases but they fear speaking out.

Many people are afraid of what people will say or how society will take them. Njeri brings Wirekererie Show at Inooro TV.

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