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Why The Famous Yamoto Band Made Of Aslay, Mbosso, Enock and Beka Require A Reunion

Photo: Former Yamoto band members

The famous Yamoto band split few years ago after each artist decided to become an independent artist. The band was well known all over East Africa from the type of music that they produced. personally, I was very sad when I learnt that my favorite artists were no longer working together.

The producer responsible for all the Yamoto band hits is known as , who now owns his own music studio known as Shirko media where he has produced many hits for various bongo artists and Kenyan artists among them being our own female artist known as Tanasha Dona.

Mkubwa Fella who is currently a manager of WCB record label, Was the one who was responsible for the yamoto Band artists and he was the one who agreed Mbosso to Join WCB when he was left alone in the band.

Many people have tried to ask Mbosso, Aslay, Beka and Enock bella to reunite but their efforts have never been enough to convince them since everyone now has his own new management despite each one of them posting each others music projects on social media.

The reasons why Yamoto Band should reunite are;

1. The four artists have a good chemistry that's why they produced good music that lives untill today.

2.They have proved to people that indeed all of them are talented singers and every one's "individual" role in the band is now clearly defined.

3.The bongo artists nowadays depend on clouts for them to do good in the music industry hence end up forcing us to like their music despite it being of low quality. Yamoto and never depended on cloutd to release hit music.

Did you like the Yamoto Band? Do you wish that they reunite?

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