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Zora: " Hatari" Pipi Tries To Attack Zora And Fella With A Panga

In today's episode Pipi is very angry because his father was arrested, he is holding a panga on his hands and is ready to harm anyone who made his father arrested. He swears he will do anything for that person to pay what he did to his father.

Zora and Fella will come to see Pipi and they will be shocked to see him holding a panga. Zora begs Pipi to put the Panga down so they can talk but Pipi is not ready to put it down. Zora pleads and tells him that he will make sure Master is out of the prison by the help of Fella. Pipi tells them to leave him alone ,Zora and Fella will think he is not serious but Pipi will try to attack them until Zora and Fella runs away.

Later Fella will tell Zora that he will talk to Pipi to cool him down. Zora insist Fella to do so because Pipi is a young child and may harm himself or other people.

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