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All In One: Singer In Court Case Over Age And Is Nandy Pregnant? [Video]

Khery Sameer Rajab popularly known as Mr Blue took to the socials to post the birth of his new born daughter on Instagram. The Rap crooner has informed that he has had another child with his wife Waheeda.

"Thank you my wife Mrs Blue for another gift alhamdulillah, thank you very much God for your goodness, very welcome my daughter Khairat to the family alhamdulillah, God is very good" wrote Mr Blue. She will be the third child for the artist and his wife as they previously had two children, one male and the other a female.

Shilole's sister, who identified herself as Khadija Ziota, said she had gone through a difficult time and suffered when she wanted to marry artist Harmorapa as she had initially rejected him. Khadija Ziota said Harmorapa was a man who ran away from her until she tried to force and care for him until it was possible for them to get married.

"Harmorapa was a man who ran away from me all the time until I tried to force him and worry about him. It has always been that way. On Harmorapa side he said the reason for initially rejecting the woman was due to the beauty of her complexion and he did not believe she would be alone. The newlyweds in the city have said they have finished their honeymoon and are ready to answer questions from people who ask them, including getting married in secret.

Bobi Wine says the allegations are another attempt to undermine the opposition. A Ugandan court has asked opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, to appear before him on charges of making false statements about his age to the Electoral Commission. Bobi Wine is due to appear before the court before September 16 to answer a case filed by his lawyer, Male Mabirizi.

In his August 3 application, Mr Mabirizi claims Bobi Wine's academic credentials show he was born on February 12, 1980, in contrast to the date recorded in his passport and with the form he submitted to the 2017 election commission when he was nominated to run for parliament. Bobi Wine's passport states that he was born on February 12,1982. He also faces charges of "fraudulent registration" in the same court. The debate over the age of the candidate for the presidency and the authenticity of his credentials has sparked controversy in social media for weeks. Bobi Wine posted a message on Facebook on Monday, saying the recent case against him was part of a continuation of the government's plot to undermine the opposition.

Is Nandy pregnant for rapper Billnas? She does this and leaves questions for her fans, check out the video

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