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The Handsome Saudi Prince Slept For 16 Years Before He Finally Died, Read How It Happened

As far as I' m concerned, sleeping is a normal things. It' s healty to sleep. If sleep is not enough for human, it poses graveous health issie and if its too much, its can be very dangerous too. Remember, anything done in excess is bad however, this goodlooking Saudi prince slept for 16 years, it was a bad experinvevthat younshoukd notnwisjnyour enemy to experience. Sleeping for a very long time is quite weird on our today society. Sleeping for a whole day is palatable, sleeping for a week is not palatable while sleeping for a year is something else.

One of the youngest princess in the Arabian Kingdom Royal family has been sleeping since 2005. Prince Al- Waleed bin Khalid Al- Saud has been comatose for years. Comatose or Coma is a state of unconsciousness from which one may not wake up, usually induced by some form of trauma. Is it caused by a disorder in the body system that affects the brain resulting in long- term uncontrollable sleep.

This handsome prince had a serious accident in 2005, that auto crash was brutal that it affects his brain, throwing him into a state of coma for sixteen years before he finally died the last year 2020.

The most painful part of his story is that he has huge shares in big firms like Apple, Disney, Twitter. His ability to recover will be duly loved because he is one of the most notable individuals in the Saudi royal family.

This life is not balanced, it is full of mysteries, a poor man is begging God for money while a wealthy person who has shares in standard world companies is begging for his life. If money could buy health or life, the families of this prince who not spare a dime to make sure he lives, it just sad he died taking none of his properties along with him.

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