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Sultana:Zuu Reveals Salama's Secret

On Monday's episode, Babu Kalo will wait for Mwanzele at his house. Mwanzele will find Babu Kalo and asks him what he wants from him. Babu is annoyed at him because he has no respect for his father-in-law and went to reveal their secret to Major. Mwanzele Informed Major about the Villagers wanting to attack him and his family to pay for Maneno's Death. Mwanzele betrayed the villagers, especially Babu who planned everything.

Zuu finds them and tells them since they have decided to hide their plans she has respected them. Zuu send them to ask Salama why is hiding Sultana's Pregnancy and she supported her marriage with JJ while in the hospital. Babu and Mwanzele will be shocked. Zuu will also give them Mbuya's posters and tells Mwanzele his son Kaka is always with Dida doing that work.

Zuu has betrayed Salama. Salama warned Zuu not to tell anyone if Sultana is pregnant because is a secret but she has revealed it. Zuu should not be trusted.

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