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My Husband Can't Agree to Support our Dying Son, He Said He Would Only Attend His Burial

Sometimes it's unbelievable to imagine the heard times we go thorough in our lives. While some of us are complaining for not having some things, others seems thankless for the very same things we cry about. For Example, there are many people in the world who have no ability to have children. They always cry for not having one. Can you imagine that someone has a child, knows the problems the child goes through but persecute him to wait for his death? This story will leave you sad.

She is called Caroline, Also Known as Caro Ka Molo. She is an uprising gospel artist from Molo constituency. She is a single mother of the very child she is holding in her hands in the above photo.

According to her own testimony in the a video, Caroline explained that she was married to a man in her backyard before things turned worse. They were blessed with a child before he, he husband, turned violent to an extent of beating her brutally and finally threw them out of her house.

However, her son later developed a problem that took away peace in his life. According to her, he has no brakes when it comes to releasing himself. He occasionally experiences severe pain in his stomach.

According to her, her son's umbilical chord develops a problem that makes it produce internal fluids. During this time, her son cannot control himself and han easily urinate or release himself without feeling.

However, despite the fact the her husband knows and understands this problem, he has never wanted to hear from them. According to Caroline, he always Slams her with bad words. In her own testimony, Caroline revealed that he said he will never support them and that he will only attend their son's burial.

For this reason, Caroline lacked the strength to consult her Ex husband every when she needs his help. She has now decided to stay alone and find her own means to settle her problems. However, she will never give up on her son.

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