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Drake And The Other 14 Best Rappers 2020 Running Music Industry

who is the best rapper in the world right now? Rap is one of the facets of contemporary music and without any illusion. Many rappers have been in the music industry for a very long time and some are just proving the heat but here are 10 rappers running the music world currently.

1 Drake

The Canadian rapper is not only a very good rapper but also one of the richest rappers. With his entertaining voice, he is sure to be on this list.

2 Roddy Rich

The newbie that is sparking the fire in the street is this guy,

3 Eminem

He is not only one of the best rappers but is also among the fastest rappers and to copy him while singing is very difficult.

4 Dababy

After he released his popular song title Rockstar featuring Roddy Rich, this rapper has gained international attention.

5 Young Thug

Yes, this guy is on our list, and if you want to argue then check his position, songs, and albums on the Billboard list.

6 Tyga

Though he has not been showing off well lately this guy is still one of the rappers running the music world at the moment.

7 Tory Lanez

You need to see how fast this guy can rap in the song he featured in titled What's Poppin By Jack Harlow,

8 Cardi B

When i was putting up the title of this article i never said men only, as Cardi B is no doubt the best female rapper of 2020.

9 Quavo

Pushing the street is this popular rapper, he is one of the best rappers in the world and he released some songs that really makes a lot of sense.

10 Megan Thee Stallion:

Ending our list is this female rapper, one thing about her is that she makes rapping very easy and i like her for that.

11.Kendrick Lamar

He is generally a song writer and rapper of American. He worn an award of speed rapper last year. Lamar own music label including interscope, Aftermath and Top Dwag.

12: Jay Z

Jay z is a highly reputed American superstar. besides rapping Jay Z is a businessman. he has won many a wards like Best rap song, and Best rap album.

13 Kanye West

He is one of the leading rappers in both USA and entire world. he was born in US Atlanta. Kanye bagged grammy awards of best rapper.

14: Travis Scott

Travis he is an American rapper, he is recommended for his versatility as a record producer. he combines music genre like RNB, Trap and hip - hop.

15: Future

Future is well known for his rapping. he is a renowned rapper is of mixed descent comprising haiti and US. he currently own three labels.

Content created and supplied by: GeorgePintoNews (via Opera News )

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