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Kenya's Viral Talk Show Hitting The Waves- The Talk Tide Show

Photo Courtesy: The Talk Tide Show

A snip peak into the show and you will mistake it for a Hollywood or Wanabros production! The Talk Tide Show has hit the Kenyan inter-webs with a storm. The show had its first teaser uploaded on 19th of January and has since cause a stir online. The premiere was today at 8am in the morning ant Kenyans cannot just keep their calm about it. The Realty shows has got an amazing name "The Talk Tide" which has really been lauded by a number of Kenyans for the level of creativity put in it. The show's running tag line is "For Reality Lovers' which again adds to the whole flavor.


The Talk Tide Show is a talk show which presents itself as a reality TV show that exponents various spheres of lifestyle and experiences. It focuses mainly on stories of human-interest, professional bases interviews, celebrities segments and street talk. The show is hosted by 5 amazing women who are captivating to watch. Their presentation is top-notch, magnetic and dazzling. They are very articulate and lovable.

The Hosts

(Photo Courtesy: The Talk Tide Show)

1) Tabitha

She is quite charming and sweet to listen too. She does not talk all the times but her mind is clearly full of ideas and interesting perceptions. From the introduction and premiere episode, she seems to be a lady who is keen on details, choosy but flexible. She is an LLB graduate.

(Photo Courtesy: The Talk Tide Show)

2) Leila

Leila is an embodiment of boldness. She is the Lulu Hassan of this world. She does the street Talk segment too, meaning she is very easy going. In the inaugural Street Talk, she is seen sitting pretty between men in the street without much tension. She expresses herself without fear. Just like Tabitha, Leila is also an LLB Graduate.

(Photo Courtesy: The Talk Tide Show)

3) Casty)

She is the fiery one. Cast doesn't seem to hold back her feelings and views no matter how hard hitting they may seem. She is the kind of lady that exhibits an amazing bold personality. Though more sociable, she seems to have a sweet heart and very interesting to be around. Just like the rest, she is also a Learned Friend.

(Photo Courtesy: The Talk Tide Show)

4) Celly

Celly is manifesting as the soft-spoken cute girl among the hosts. She does not speak so much but when she does so, its charming and nice sentiments. Her way of articulating her side of the story is great. Slowly but interesting, with divergent views. She is also a lawyer by profession.

(Photo Courtesy: The Talk Tide Show)

5) Kalekye

From the teaser and premiere episodes, Kalekye has not been featured. I see this as a tactic just to add the flavour to the show once she features.

The Talk Tide Show is produced by one of Kenya's Leading Video Production heavy weights, Sir Martin under the Yarida Media Kenya production houses. Sir-Martin has worked with big names in the country including Willie Oeba, Sally Wisdom among others, Interestingly, the show has incorporate Yako Digital, yet another giant Digital and Social Media Consultancy firm which has worked with the likes of Luo music maestro Wuod Fibi, Kinyash of The Classmates (KBC), Christine Otieno among others. This shows the level of professionalism that the Talk Tide Show team is working with. I am sure more is yet yo come for this group. Check them out across all the social media platforms- The Talk Tide.

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