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Nyoks Wa Katta Of Inooro Tv Warns Her Fans To Be Cautious

Many times we get messages in our Inboxes, requesting for help or others related things.

Some of the messages may be genuine while others may not. The only problem is, how do we know the messages that are genuine and those that are not?

According to Nyoks Wa Katta, who works with the Royal Media Services, she urges that, before anything else an investigation should be done.

Here is a Sample of a message she has been receiving.

"Hello Nyoxx, just inboxing to request for a job kama uko na any opportunity, am ok with it. Am 25 years single mother of two and am good at saloon work. Am also an actor but any job will do. It pains kurock mtoto alale on an empty stomach as we are speaking kwangu hakuna anything. I have a feeling you can help me out remember I can do any job......"

"These messages are in thousands in my inbox today, kindly let's make someone smile by offering a job opportunity from drivers, house helps, farm hands, office messagers or any other job you can offer..... " She says.

"Kindly let's know what job opportunities you have and also let's know those who are looking for jobs and what are their qualifications ...... Let's do this."

This was a move to allow his followers to help but under that note, she asked them to be cautious.

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