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'Alikua Anatoka Nje Nikibadilisha Nguo, Hajui Mwili Wangu Unakaa Aje' Vishy Says About Stivo

The Kenyan social media pages have been filled with celebrity news for quite a long time now. Actually, almost the funnest details a celebrity does do find their way to social media. How they manage to get there is a puzzle. Althoigh other celebrities speak out about their life experiences openly for their fans to know.

Taking the case of Stivo as an example, his life stories have been on the net every now and then. Just the other day, the musician from Kibera slums was doing rounds over social media at how he is making women to spend sleepless nights due to his change of wardrobe. This is after he appeared on a photo dressed in a suit contrary to the casual wear he is used to be seen with.

Before then, the 'Vijana Muache Mihandarati' hit maker was publicised for his relationship with Vishy. A girl he said they have been dating for a while. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two broke up and they all went public about it. Although Stivo said they still have a business partnership together.

In a story done by Radio Jambo on Facebook, Vishy confirmed claims which were made by Stivo that for the entire period they dated, they did not sleep together. Vishy had it more categorical that they have never seen each other's naked bodies.

When Vishy visited Stivo and she wanted to change, Stivo could move out of the house or cover himself not to see her nakedness. Likewise when it was Stivo's turn to change, he would request her to move out and do it in a hurry.

Vishy said Stivo was never for the idea of them to sleep together before getting married since his morals were against the act.

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Althoigh Hajui Mwili Wangu Unakaa Aje' Kenyan Kibera Stivo


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