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"Kuamka Everybody Is Talking About It" Zuchu On Why She Unfollowed Diamond's Sister, Esma Platnumz

In the world of celebrity relationships, Instagram follows means everything. When celebrities unfoll ow each other on social media they make a huge statement leaving questions about their fall-out.

Diamond Platnumz's sister, Esma Platnumz and WCB singer Zuchu are not on good terms since Zuchu unfollowed her on Instagram.

In an exclusive interview with Wasafi Media on YouTube, Zuchu opened up on what led to her unfollowing her sister's boss.

"This day I woke up, ilikuwa sija lala, nimekaa. Mimi nimtu napendea kuchezea Instagram. Lakini mara nyingi hizi mambo za hacking, vimessage fulani zinaingia. Zile message zilipokuwa zinaingia kitu ikaniambia 'just go in your Instagram'. Kwenye Instagram kuna picha zilikuwa zinapungua and then kuna mda naweza kuiaccess, kuna mda nilikuwa siwezi kuiacess. Inaniambia niingize password.

Accounts zetu ambazo ziko verified ukizichokonoa sana you can loose it. Nilichofanya nikampigia simu Kim. Kim akaniambia 'iache usifanye chochote' Yeye Kim anapassword zetu kwaiyo akaihangaikia akaniambia it's safe."

According to Zuchu's statements her account was hacked, she came to learn about it when she woke up.

"Nimekuja kuamka everybody is talking about it. I was like? What do I do? Do I follow her back? Do I let her be? So I was like let me just chill."

Zuchu also revealed they aren't that close. When they meet they just greet each other. However she respects Esma so much.

Earlier on, Esma had said she's ever busy with her business hence she hardly noticed when Zuchu unfollowed her.

"I don't use Instagram as much you know. My business is taking up all my time. I don't remember the last time I was there, even my posts have reduced these days niko busy I am unable to update IG a lot."

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