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Divorce Affair

Kila Mtu Aende Zake: Amber Ray's Ex-Boyfriend Jimal Reveals Details Of His Alleged Divorce

City businessman Jimal Rohosafi. [Photo | Courtesy]

City businessman Jimal Rohosafi has finally opened up on details of his alleged divorce from first wife Amira and second wife Amber Ray. Jimal had for a long time married Amira before he brought in controversial socialite Amber Ray as his second wife. His relationship with Amber Ray did not seat well with his first wife, and as a result, the trio found themselves in one online scandal after another.

City businessman Jimal Rohosafi, AMber Ray, and AMira. [Photo | Courtesy]

After a series of disagreements, Jimal and Amber Ray broke up. This was soon followed by a divorce between Jimal and his first wife Amira. The city businessman has now shed more light on the details of the circumstances that led to the fall of his marriage.

Controversial socialite Amber Ray. [Photo | Courtesy]

Jimal Rohosafi confirmed that he indeed left both Amber Ray and Amira. He explained that there was no divorce case in court citing that their breakup was through a verbal agreement. According to Jimal, they were all grown-up people, and therefore there was no need to make things difficult for each other.

Amira. [Photo | Courtesy]

"I left both Amber and Amira. There is no divorce case in any court. We separated verbally. Kila mtu aende zake like grown up people," Jimal Rohosafi stated.

Recent reports on social media indicated that Jimal had already moved on with a new girlfriend. He, however, came out to dismiss the reports citing that they were false. He insisted that he is still single.

Controversial socialite Amber Ray. [Photo | Courtesy]

AMber Ray and Amira, on the other hand, continue with their online feud with each attacking the other whenever the opportunity presents itself. In a recent Online altercation, Amber Ray revealed that Jimal and Amira are still married and stay together.

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