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Things You Didn't Know About Jacky Vike(Awinja)

Jacky Vike popularly known by her stage name as Awinja of Papa Shirandula was born and raised in Kanuku In Eastleigh Nairobi,Being the third born in a family of five 3 sisters and 2 brothers Jacky attended Heshima Road primary school and later attended Kegoye High school in western.she made her debut on Papa shirandula in 2009 In the role of a heavily accented girl.

Jacky tells us more about her through a You tube channel called "Engage Mtaani part 2" Jacky tells us that her parents used to work at the city council.where her father used to work as a city council and a cobbler.She reveals how their dad used to embarass them when he's drunk(Her dad used to drink 24-7) Due to that it lowered her self esteem while she was still growing up .Unfortunate Her dad demised while she was still in high school.

In addition to that Jacky says that she's the woman she's today only because of her mom.Her mom Is her greatest motivator whereby she played a major role in her life by counselling and supporting her In everything.Jacky also advises young comedy not to be afraid to venture into comedy and not to fear being judged negatively ,if they believe they have what it takes ,they shouldn't hold back but give it a try .She adds that her biggest dream is to go back and keep inspiring Young people.

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