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Husband and wife relationship

'Kwani Hajui Harufu Ya Mumewe' Ann Wamuratha Tells Off A Woman After Claiming This

Ann Wa Muratha is well known celebrity, who has established herself in the Media industry, despite her carrier not being related to journalism.

She is a guidance and counseling specialist and mostly deals with, issues concerning youths and marriages among others.

She was currently Congratulated for being awarded Honorary Doctorate in Sacred Counseling. This was during the time Wanjiku Wa Gitonga and Wambui Wa Muturi were graduating with masters Degrees.

Her love for Youths is enormous. She talks to them more often and even has a program with them. Most importantly, her love for boy child is high.

Being a marriage counselor, she knows too well what it is all about. Her experience is more added because she is a married woman and her husband is a pastor.

For this reason, she is wondering how a woman could not recognize that Kindiki was not her husband, even after being with him for more than 30 minutes in bed.

She claims that,it is only after her husband opened the door to the room that she noted it was not him.

To Wamuratha, this sounds strange. There is no way a woman would not recognize her husbands behavior in bed or his scent . This rises a lot of questions about the whole saga.

"Which married woman does not know how her husband behaves when he finds her in bed? Which woman will be touched by another man and assume it is her husband?which woman does not not know the smell of her husband different from other men? Tuambiane ukweli Naulizia mtu." She asks. 

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Ann Wa Muratha Kwani Hajui Harufu Ya Mumewe' Wanjiku Wa Gitonga


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