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Zora Citizen:" Get Out Of My House You Witch" Zora Chased Like A Stray Dog

Zora is one of the most recent followed local soap opera in East Africa. Zora has praised to be one of the local drama which should be watched by mature people, and this has been said so because it's the most talented actors and its content which it's suitable for mature people. Among the staring of Zora who had been on our screens are Blessing Loghano, Sara Hassan, Bridgit Shighadi, Quincy Rapado and many more.

In this episode, we are going to talk about Zora, Fella and Shanice. The episode starts as Zora is seen in her room reading a novel. Fella being angry enters in and asks her if she is the one who sent Nana to beat up his wife at the salon?. Sara looks at him and tells him I know nothing and I don't know what you are telling me just leave me alone and let me be in peace, please.

Angry Fella tries to slap Zora but Zora holds his hand and tells him in case you slapping me let me leave your house in peace, please. Fella seen happy starts insulting her with all bad insults in front of his kid, Zora remains silent looking at her without uttering any word. But Fella tells her that "you came here to witch me so that you can take my wealth just get out of my house now and never come back here. Zora with no option walks out with her belongings to go and look for a place to settle.

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