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Celebrities Who Died While Being Watched By Their Fans And Cause Of Death

Although death is an unavoidable thing, the passing on of prominent individuals has always left a negative effect on their fans. In as much as many have died in hospital, some have died in front of their deaths and this has caused much effect on their fans.

Owen Hart.

Owen Harts's death has always remained stuck in the minds of many because he passed on after falling on stage. In Kansas, Missouri, Hart lost a foot and this led to him falling 70 feet.

This saw him rushed to hospital and in as much as he passed on when he arrived, his fans were not immediately informed. Owen's accident happened in front of his fans who totaled 18000.

Actor Brandon Lee.

Do you remember the famous actor by name of Bruce Lee? Brandon Lee was his son and his death happened following an accidental shooting with a prop gun. At the time of his shooting to death, he was one of the individuals fast rising in the industry.

His death happened on the 31st of March in the year 1193.

Singer Christina Grimmie.

Christina Grimmie was one of the best performers of the day and her ultimate death happened during a voice competition. Grimmie was killed by a man who was obsessed with her and wanted to end both their lives at the same time.

The sad occurrence was on the 11th of June 2016 in Florida in the USA.

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