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"Ezekiel Mutua, If You Are Not Corrupt Tuondolee Ii Zora,"2nd Episode And Fans Are Still Complaining

To be sincere, we expected that fans would just have it nice with Zora like they did with Maria show but the reaction is turning much the other way round. Yesterday marked the second day and the second episode of the show and fans are seemingly getting out of control. Many are complaining and they can not hold it any more. Many are claiming that the show has a lot of content that actually needs parental guidance and their children can not watch this show.

Many other fans requested if the show could be pushed to maybe 10pm when kids are asleep then replace the 7:30pm with previous shows that existed before or another new one. Many have actually seemed to be disappointed by the jiffy company and script writers and they want them to do something concerning this show Zora. These are the few comments of what few fans had to say in a nutshell and we hope that their grievances will be reviewed by the royal media services or by the directors who are Lulu and Rashid. Kubai Moses- " Zora is an adult programme, ingekuwa inaletwa past saa nne".

Janet Wambui-" Ezekiel Mutua if you are not corrupt man tuondolee ii Zora, the good programmes like papa, inspekta were good bringing somethin a parent can watch comfortably with children".

Joy Chariot-" Kama Maria na Lui hawako aileti".

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Ezekiel Mutua Kubai Moses- Tuondolee Zora


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