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Concerns As A Growing Number Of Female Celebrities Join The Lesbian Clique

The rate at which young, beautiful, and affluent Kenyan female celebrities are proclaiming themselves lesbians on social media or acting in ways that violate nature's laws is soon becoming a worrying problem.

Despite Kenyan law's pro-LGBTQ stance, where these young and sassy beauty get the energy and audacity to announce themselves as such remains a mystery.

Though a significant number have made their affairs public, it is also believed that many more have yet to summon the courage to make their aberrant affairs public and are now living in secrecy.

The Kenyan Constitution of 2010 does not recognize any connection between people of the same sex, and efforts to repeal sections 162 and 165 of the penal code in 2019 came to a halt when the High Court refused to declare the mentioned provisions illegal.

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