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People should stop clout chasing and just make music

It is almost becoming normal for songs to be pulled down from YouTube. Every day we're waking up to the news that a certain song has been pulled down to copyright claims. Upcoming artists have decided to clout chase and it is becoming more and more frustrating.

Several songs have already suffered this victim to this heinous act and sooner or later someone somewhere ( the relevant authority ) has to take action to prevent this disgrace from continuously happening.

Among the songs pulled down were Tabia za Wakenya by Mejja, Ndovu ni kuu by Krispa Khaligraph, and Boutross. This is to name just a few songs that have fallen victim to this copyright claim. The latter luckily has already been reinstated back on YouTube.

The recent culprit is King Kaka's and Otille's new song(fight). They had truly done so much work before finally releasing the song. King Kaka has taken to his Instagram to show his disgust and frustration with the situation.

Content created and supplied by: IanbMurray (via Opera News )

Boutross Kaka Krispa Khaligraph Ndovu Tabia za Wakenya


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