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Shame As Citizen TV Reveals Ksh 10,000 Gets You An AK47 Rifle In Nairobi

The recently aired story on Citizen tv has revealed a shocking way of how criminals in Nairobi hire one night stand guns, pistols, hand cuffs and Police uniforms.

The documentary, Silaha Mitaani has taken Citizen tv more than a year to compile the evidence. To their surprise, it was even easier to get a gun in Nairobi than they expected. An AK47 rifle goes at ten thousand Kenyan shillings per night and a ceska pistol goes at five thousand Kenyan shillings. A bullet and the hand cuffs will cost you a thousand Kenyan shillings each. Full Police uniform of your choice goes up to three thousands. That's the dirty business Police officers meant to take care of Citizens are doing at night.

The documentary clearly showed how criminals contact Police officers, makes deals and gets away with it. The investigative reporter together with Other people whose identity was hidden made just few Phone calls and they were in possession of these dangerous ammunition. One gangster Revealed how a deal with an officer went wrong and the officer was latet Killed for disclosure of secrets.

How can we end crime in the capital city, Nairobi with this kind of behavior?.

We are currently waiting for the security and Police departments to respond.

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