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Sultana:Major Orders Sultana To Be Arrested

Tomorrow's episode Asia is very shocked after she met Sultana at the Market and recognizes her as Bi Ua daughter. She can't believe Salama gave Sultana the expensive necklace before the right time.

At home the Jabali's family are ready to attend Dida's birthday party. Asia meet Major and informs him that she met Sultana at the market. Major will not believe and Asia assures him that Sultana is just around the village and not far as they thought. Major asks her if JJ is aware and Asia tells him that she doesn't think so.

Major will then call his men and tells them that they can't do just a simple thing. He informs them that the low life girl, Sultana is around and orders them to arrest her. Major will then get back to his family and tells JJ not to ashame them like the proposal day. The all family will leave to Fatma's house.

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