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The Dangerous Disease That Forced DJ Mo And Size 8 To Lose Their Child Today

Size 8 with DJ Moh. Photo courtesy.

Today, Kenyans have joined the family of renowned gospel musician Size 8 and her husband, DJ Mo in mourning the premature death of their child after pregnancy termination. It is reported that they were forced to terminate the pregnancy under the advice of their doctor. According to the report, he told them it was the only final option. According to DJ Mo, his wife was rushed to hospital due to persistent elevation of blood pressure despite being on medication. He disclosed that Size 8 has been suffering from high blood pressure for the last five months of pregnancy, and today was different hence warranting termination to save her life.

Well, what is elevation of blood pressure in a pregnant women? What are the causes, sign and symptoms, including management of such condition? Well, let me take you through the condition so that you might save yourselves or those people close to you.

The Muraya's photo courtesy.

First, high blood pressure can occur to ladies who are pregnant and were not suffering from the disease prior to pregnancy. It is called gestational hypertension. Meaning, it Only happens or occurs to women who are pregnant and will disappear after pregnancy or upon termination of the said pregnancy.

What are some of the classification of hypertension in pregnancy? Here are the classification.

1. Chronic Hypertension- here, it's hypertension that occurs before 20 weeks of gestation ( weeks of someone being pregnant)

2. Pre- Eclapsia- it's a form of hypertension occurring after 20weeks of gestation in a woman who had previously normal blood pressure.

3. Eclapsia- woman who has number two form of hypertension and presents with a complication of seizures

4. Transient HTN- gestational hypertension that resolves by 12 week's after delivery.

Signs and symptoms of A pregnant woman who has hypertension are:

1. Persistent headache

2. Projectile vomiting

4. Bluured vision

5. Double vision and sometimes, fainting episodes and fatigue.

In case a pregnant woman complains of the above symptoms. Take her to hospital for medical monitoring and review. Close monitoring of the patient is necessary to save a life. Your doctor will advise the best option to take In case the issue is beyond treatment.

Here is the link to the video.

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