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"My Girlfriend Left Me Few Days to Our Wedding, I Had Proposed to Her" Famous Actor Confesses

Media personality by the name Hiram Mwangi aka Kamuhunjia has confessed how his girlfriend left him just few days to their wedding.

Hiram claims he had proposed to his ex-girlfriend and accepted to marry him and therefore they continued with wedding plans but few day to their marriage, his girlfriend told him it was over.

He claims that was the worst moment for him and up to date he is not aware as to why his ex-girlfriend decided to leave him just few days to their wedding without a valid reason.

Hiram claims he had to let it go although it really hurt him and he also feels that his ex-girlfriend owes him an explanation because that was very unfair to him.

Right now Kamuhunjia is single and he has gone ahead urging people who are in a relationship speak up if something is wrong in the relationship instead of just breaking up with someone without a reason.


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