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Zora: Madiba Struggles With His Daughters In The Streets

Madiba and his daughters ,Fila and Lila were chased away by Zora. Zora was only their hope after they were chased by Oliver like dogs and Madibas bank account freezed and can't withdraw any cash.

In today's episode Madiba and his kids are in the street struggling with their bags. They don't were to go.

The girls are so tired and Lila has not fully recovered after she was poisoned by Yola. Lila faints on their way and Madiba will carry her.

Madiba doesn't know were to take his kids,they are just walking mercilessly. They reach at her point and takes some rest because they are tired.

Madiba is so confused and will just hug his daughters. They all stand and Fila will hug her sister and they start to walk again. Madiba will be left behind so worried then he follows Fila and Lila.

Poor Madiba where will he takes his daughters?

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