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Muigai Wa Njoroge Introduces Kikuyu Traditional Kingpin Appreciating His Good Work

If you frequently visit social media pages you must have come across Muigai Wa Njoroge at some point. He is a social media influencer and a Kikuyu musicians who is well grounded to be distracted by neysayers. He is among musician who have moved from grass to fame through hard work and determination.

Some minutes ago, he posted on his Facebook official page introducing Kikuyu traditional kingpin who has stood his ground to make sure the community lives in accordance to the way they should live. He said that Kikuyu community power and knowledge is ussually hidden in their language and their cultural ways. And whenever they come across someone who loves their language and advices them using it they should listen at him.

He added that he want to appreciate and introduce a man in Kikuyu community who has come out loving his community and advicing it for their better tommorow. He said that the man by the name Karanja wa mwangi left catholic church as their treasurer after the priest was against his idea of using church money to help the poor and instead said that the poor belongs to God.

He concluded by saying that Karanja mwangi decided to be a Kikuyu community mentor which he is doing with a lot of passion. He has currently launched a new school called Gikuyu school where people go every Sunday to learn About their culture. What is your view on this?

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