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Sultana: " Trouble At Major's House", Fatma Wishes To Finish Salama Completely As Ua Attacks Her

Tomorrow's episode Bi Ua wants to go to see Salama but Asia can't allow that to happen. Asia tells Bi Ua that Salama is in bad conditions and doesn't wants questions. Asia advices Bi Ua to stay home until Salama gets well because she was hurt because of her family. Bi Ua tells Asia that she must see Salama but Fatma stops them. Fatma tells them that she don't want to hear that name of Salama again and she wishes she could have killed her completely.

Bi Ua Will not be happy with Fatma and wants to attack her. Asia stops her but Bi Ua will try her best to fight Fatma because she is tired of her. Bi Ua tells Fatma and Dida to pack their bags and leave her house. Fatma will not be scared and tells Ua that she is a big woman and she only gave Major one child after all the process they went through. Bi Ua will be hurt and wants to attack Fatma again but Asia holds her.

Fatma tells Bi Ua that Dida will give JJ many kids. Major will find them arguing and takes Bi Ua upstairs to cool down.

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