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Zora Tv Show: Madiba Proposes to Nana, Zalena Plans For Their Wedding

Zora tomorrow episode Nana will be sitting outside her house. As she wakes up to get into the house her gate is opened. It is Madiba in her compound. She waits to hear from him where Madiba is carrying flowers for her.

Nana is surprised to see where he gives her the flowers. He holds her hand and starts telling her that he is sorry for how he has been treating her. Madiba tells her that he is ready to make everything right.

Madiba takes a ring in his pocket and proposes to Nana. Nana is so happy that finally, they are back together. After some time they go to the hospital to check if the child Nana is carrying do Madiba is okay.

They go to the hospital where Loretta is admitted, where Madiba explains to Loretta that he decided that she will not go back to Zora and she has made a decision to marry Nana.

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