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Check out how Diamond Platinum, Tanasha Donna are heavily guarded by their bodyguards

Life is the precious gift from God. This makes Security a fundamental right to every people.

There are some fans that are so fanatical that they will do everything they can to touch a celebrity. These kind of fans may result to some delays when a celebrities has an appointment he or she has to attend. This shows how security is very vital. 

The key reason for bodyguards to a celebrity are to avoid delay or any inconvenience, Celebrities have different types of fans, Celebrities can be target to criminals, they Might Be Pushed into a Frightening Situation by their fans and also enemies.

Diamond Platinum is the best artist in East Africa and whenever he hold a concert people fills the stadium. Here their such a kind of people security is needed since apart from being fans they may end up causing a harm to him unintentionally.

Diamond Platinum's bodyguards.Tanasha Donna's bodyguards.

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