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'Love Is Blind' Another Luhya Who Is A Motorcyclist Marries A White Lady From America (Video)

The person who said love is blind was very right. Once two people love each other, nothing can stop them from advancing even to marriage if the two decides so. What has surprised many is that another 'Luhya' man to be more specifically A Bukusu Man, has done it again with a white lady. This time round from America. There was a Bukusu man who previously married a white lady but she was an Indian lady. This one has done it with an American lady.

The man who is a class two dropout used to carry the lady on his motorbike and they happened to fall in love. According to the video shared by KTN news, it is the man who fell in love with the lady first but did not have a way of telling her because he did not know how to talk in English since he is a class 2 dropout.

The man narrates how he could wish to talk to the lady but failed due to language burrier between the two of them. He could not even speak good 'Kiswahili' and in most of the times, he used 'Kibukusu' while trying to communicate with the lady.

As time went by, the the man new some English and communication between the two improved where they fell in love completely and started dating. The relationship between the two love birds then bore some fruits after they decided to 'tie the knot' of their life together, marry each other and settle in a village in Bungoma county. The home town of the man in question.

With time, the American lady got used to the Bukusu way of life and adapted life completly. She says even though his husband was poor and just a mere Boda Boda rider who at some times went to work in sugarcane factories and cane cutting, she still loved him because of his efforts he displayed in life and the kind of love he gave her.

They stayed together in a lovely marriage and were blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.

The parents of the Bukusu man accepted the marriage of their son and they were happy about it. The American parents of the white lady also accepted it and allowed their daughter to get married in Bungoma, Kenya.

The lady sold her wealth in American, took aflight and landed in kenya to marry the love of her life.

Here is the video.

What has surprised me is how the lady even sold all her wealth from America just to come and settle down with a poor Bukusu man, If you were a white lady would you do such a thing?

What also amazes me a about this marriage story is that, how comes it is Luhya men more so Bukusu to be specific, who have this history of dating and marrying white ladies. The other time a Luhya Man who was also poor married a beautiful Indian whom they sayed together for sometimes but unfortumatly this couple divorced later on.

This one with an American lady is success because they even have two children and moving on well. The lady has adapted to the african culture and way of life.

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